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ATI Badulla

Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education(SLIATE) is proud to announce the 1st ever symposium(SRS 2017), which was held on

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Our Vision

"To Become the Centre of Excellence in Technological Education"

Our Mission

"Creating Excellent Higher National and National Diplomates with Modern Technology for Sustainable Development"
As per the recommendations of the Committee appointed by Prof. Wiswa Waranapala, Deputy Minister of Higher Education in 1994, the Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technical Education (SLIATE) was formed in 1995, under the Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technical Education Act No. 29 of 1995, In 2001 the name of the institution was amended to read as Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education, (SLIATE). It functions as an autonomous Institute for the management of Higher National and National Diploma courses. The main purposes of establishing SLIATE were to reform and restructure the entire technical and vocational education system in relation to the changing needs of economic development, to meet manpower requirements of national development strategies, and the promotion of privatization, with special concern for meeting the scarcity of trained technological manpower resources at the technician level.


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